STS integrates to Motorola handheld point of sale

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

STS is pleased to announce the pending release of Motorola's new Payment Solution using STS' Emvelink Mobile platform. This support confirms STS' role as the leading global Mobile Point of Sale (MPOS) payments software solution provider, now supporting all major MPOS devices.

STS has seen a large increase in the demand for MPOS solutions across many different geographies and verticals and this pending release by Motorola signals the next generation in MPOS payments.

MPOS terminals are able to offer benefits to all kinds of merchants, whether it's a traditional merchant using them for queue busting, a door-to-door sales/repair person, an outdoor market trader or even for public transport ticketing to name but a few.

Motorola's new MPOS solution adds Chip and PIN payments support for their successful MC70 and MC75 mobile computers, providing payments for the global stage.

Motorola's release marks the next step in MPOS payments, allowing existing customers to cost-effectively add a snap-on payments module to existing devices. In the current economic climate, this provides a significantly greater return-on-investment than using separate payment terminals or using mobile computers for traditional functions only.

Motorola's flagship rugged design also provides dependable performance inside and outside the four walls, supporting all major communication channels including 3G/GPRS/EDGE as well as traditional Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Industry leading drop and tumble impact testing across the operating temperature range ensures reliable operation in spite of the inevitable everyday drops and bumps. The snap-on is designed to withstand the heat and cold, enabling the device to endure outdoor exposure -- from the entry of a hotel to outdoor dining areas, a rental car depot or the hip of a postal carrier or service technician.