STS announces PayOp Agent release

Tuesday, November 6, 2018


Accelerating Terminal Management System (TMS) independence


London, 06 November 2018 STS, the payments acceptance software specialist, today announces the next release of the PayOp Agent. This latest version allows PayOp, its powerful terminal and payments operational management system, to work independently of G8. Initial PayOp implementations were restricted to merchants and partners already using the STS G8 payment application. PayOp allows merchants and payment service providers to run mixed estates of terminals and avoid terminal manufacturer lock-in.

“As a product led company we have listened to market demand and created an option for PayOp to run in environments where G8 is not being used” says Steve Turner, CEO of STS Payments. “This allows more organisations to benefit from improved operational management control of payment terminals and introduce mixed terminal estates from multiple manufacturers.”

The PayOp Agent will run largely independently of the EPOS/business application and have direct access to the payments acceptance device enabling status reporting, device validation and disablement, as well as configuration, software, firmware and encryption keys to be downloaded and managed remotely. The PayOp Agent can be invoked through a new API by the POS application, which will give PayOp a time-window of access to the payment device, enable and disable connection and provide PayOp with full transaction details. Alternatively, with minimal effort, the PayOp Agent can be placed between the POS application and the device. This range of options should allow PayOp to run in almost every environment.

In order to derive the maximum benefits from PayOp’s smart transaction monitoring, analytics and insight features it is recommended that the PayOp Agent is permanently connected to the payment device except when the POS application needs to process a transaction. The level of integration and amount of control given to the PayOp Agent can vary dependent on the depth of integration. This flexibility has the added advantage of allowing a phased implementation strategy to be adopted. To minimise integration efforts STS will make available .NET or REST wrappers.

Steve Turner continues “For too long organisations have been tied to using a single terminal manufacturer due to the high cost, effort and inefficiencies associated with running multiple proprietary TMS. PayOp and the new PayOp Agent directly address these issues allowing merchants and PSPs to pick and mix the best device from multiple manufacturers.”

About STS

STS is a leading payments acceptance application developer with unrivalled EMV expertise. Although the company is based in the UK, we have supplied over 150,000 merchant implementations located around the world across multiple industry sectors. We offer merchants independence from payment schemes, acquirers, gateways, PSPs and device manufacturers, thereby generating financial savings and maximising their payments flexibility and future choices.

We are a product-led company that invests heavily in developing high-quality payments acceptance applications and features in order to remain at the forefront of payments innovation. This started with EMV Chip and PIN payments in which we became a global market leader and now includes contactless, in-store mobile payments, payment cloud implementations and the management of Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Our applications are designed to allow partners to establish competitive advantage. We have earned a reputation for trust, honesty and integrity by continually delivering high quality software and excellent support throughout our 21-year heritage.

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